The Duckmeister — A perfect bush plane

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This first project is a little dream concept I have, of a Cessna 337 Skymaster Amphibian. I call it the “Duckmeister”, here's why:

The “Duckmeister” is a 4-seat amphibian twin engine aircraft, in effect a heavily modified Cessna 337 Skymaster Amphibian using a Grumman J2F-inspired central float to limit the spray issue on the rear engine (hence its name).

Cessna 337 Amphibian concept - side view

Two stabilizer floats are fitted on the wingtips. The float assembly is similar to the PBY and it is mounted on a retractable titanium pod. This way, once airborne, floats get out of the way, which reduces drag and improves performance. The cockpit includes two roof hatches for inspections and emergency egress. The wings are equipped with vortex generators and mounts for auxiliary fuel tanks.

Cessna 337 Amphibian concept - front-view

Finally, to provide the additional power required, the engines have been upgraded to a pair of Lycoming IO-720, providing a total of 800hp. The rear (pusher) engine mount can be hydraulically swung upwards to 10° during take-off and landing, to prevent contact between the propeller and water spray created by the forward propeller, similar in operation to the Dornier DO-26. Both engines are fitted with 3 Bladed M.T. Propellers. The aft engine air scoop is redesigned for better cooling.

The Flight Deck is equipped with Cobham's 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS.

The central float doubles as an auxiliary tank and cargo pod.

To compensate for the additional weight the Duckmeister is a four-seat aircraft instead of the original six. But for bush-flying around, really that's a trade-off I'm ready to make ;)

In closing, note that the type has been successfully, yet not satisfactorily, converted to floats once, but with traditional twin floats the rear prop issue just was too much to make it viable. The aircraft (actually a 336) is still flying today but has been reconverted to its original 3-wheeled configuration.

Cessna 336 N1795Z Seamaster
the Cessna 336 N1795Z "Seamaster" - date unknown

More detailed drawings pending. Thoughts welcome :)