“Oleniok” — the Global Surveyor

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The “Oleniok” is a twin-engine flying-boat based on the rugged Beriev Be-12, a Russian-built flying-boat. A Be-12 airframe would be adapted for long-range ocean surveys and other scientific missions.

“Oleniok” is named after a river in Siberia. This was inspired by the late-90s French “Okavango” exploration TV-series, starring a PBY-5A.

Beriev Be-12 Oleniok
Beriev Be-12 “Oleniok” - side view with observation blister on the roof


environmental research
observation/photo/filming platform
disaster relief & logistics support
display/airshows (e.g. RIHB)
commercial (advertising, cinema, etc.)


super-rugged STOL amphibian
full SAC FAA-/EASA certified “Be-12PW” (Be-12 EKO2)
powered by two P&WC PW150A powerplants (5071 SHP each)
Cobham's 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS
long-range (2000nm, 2500nm with aux. wing tanks)

Objective & characteristics:

complete strip down and structural refit to specs (0-time airframe goal)
full AlasKat (cf. PBY-7AT) accomodations + more
keep windows on bow (observation cabin and/or camera platform)
add PBY-style observation blisters aft of wing root
diving platform & station under port blister
taildragger with custom-designed bush gear
retractable wingtip floats
crew min. 2, passengers 8-10
solar panels mounting points on wings and roof

More details and drawings pending. Thoughts welcome :)